The committee is elected on an annual basis at the AGM in May and its purpose is to manage the club and ensure that the interests of the members are represented at the relevant meetings of the LTA and Yeovil and District League. They are also responsible for the day to day running of the club and in ensuring that plans for the future development and continuance of the club are in place and achievable.

Committee Members

Chairperson Bridget Hodsman, Tel: 01458 272986
Vice Chair Jon Power
Club Secretary Lina Thomas
Treasurer & Head Coach Neil Driver, Tel: 01458 270131
Membership Secretary Alan Wharton, Tel: 01458 445139
Webmaster Chris Treece
Social Secretary Josh Whitlam
RGMC Representative Donny Osmond
Wimbledon Ticket Coordinator Carole Millet
Safeguarding Lead and Club Tournament Organiser Ann Barnett
Marketing Coordinator Wendy Driver
Non Committee First Aider Sarah Raven